PPTA – Collective Agreement Campaign

The New Zealand Post Primary Teachers’ Association/Te Wehengarua (PPTA) is the union and professional association for secondary school teachers in New Zealand. Their Collective Agreement Campaign is a carefully considered push to negotiate better working conditions for those teachers. Our brief was to develop graphic campaign messaging that could be used to garner support and inspire participation from a range of audiences as the campaign progresses.

With the help of research material we identified key audiences within the Campaign fabric – PPTA Members, Teachers, and Politicians. We then identified the ideals and values these different audiences share. This helped form a foundation from which we could develop a central organising idea which became the campaign keystone.


The Collective Agreement Campaign is a versatile solution responding to a complex set of challenges. It is a rallying call that can adapt to different audiences, with a range of tones, at different stages in a campaign timeline. It is a message and graphic system that can be used to inspire, unify and impact the future of education in New Zealand.