We know that trusting your precious projects to someone new can be daunting – which is why our excellent track record is so important.

We’ve delivered highly effective communications projects to a wide range of organisations over many years – and we understand and appreciate the environments our clients work in. They’ve trusted in us to deliver exceptionally crafted communications on time and on budget for 25 years.

We believe in making the design process as simple as possible. 

We’re not great believers in ‘mystifying’ our discipline by packaging it up with lots of fancy labels. We believe the art of great design is about simplifying the complex – and not just in our creative process, but also in the way we work. 

We’ve got some tried and true processes – but we’re flexible with these too to ensure they work for you.

Set the brief
Starting off on the same page ensures we get the creative right first time, and this comes from having a good brief – whether it’s a phone call, a meeting, a written brief – or, for complex projects, sometimes a return brief – we always make sure we have a clear understanding of the project and your requirements.

Create a timeline
Knowing who is doing what and when ensures your finished project always arrives on or before you need it. 

Establish the budget
We’ll work with you to establish a budget that suits the project and your budget. Our estimates are also pretty detailed – we like our clients to be able to see what they’re paying for.

Do what we say we’ll do
So we’ve agreed the scope of the work, how much it costs, and when it’s needed – it’s now up to us to do what we do best: deliver.


In over 20 years working with a broad range of clients we have developed a deep understanding of what works.

We’ve launched ministries, developed logos, brand applications and style guides, run public awareness, advertising and consultation compaigns, designed websites, social media and online collateral, developed forms, manuals, brochures, booklets, infographics, merchandise – and yep, we’ve done more annual reports than we can count. 

Most importantly, we love it. We get a real kick out of telling your stories, engaging with your stakeholders and getting your messages out there.


Sometimes comments speak for themselves. 

Over the years we’ve had some great feedback on the work we’ve done for the public sector.

It’s really rewarding to get feedback on a job well done.



Ultimately it comes down to producing great creative work, so your project hits the spot.

Our driver is brand new thinking – and we don’t use it lightly. We like to look at every project with a fresh pair of eyes.
We look at it from every angle, maybe prod it a couple of times to see what comes out, and give it some serious thought before our fingers go anywhere near a sketch pad. Ultimately, it’s that thinking that leads to a great creative result.

Choosing the right channels
We hold fast to the belief that the medium isn’t the message. With the plethora of communications options available, of course careful selection of when and where your messages are delivered is vitally important – but the medium needs to support the message, not the other way around.

If you can find the time, we’d love to talk some more. 

We’re pretty easy to get hold of and always willing to have a chat, answer any questions, and let you know if we think we can help.

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